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Make it your Own

It is highly recommended consulting with your Rabbi or Wedding Officiant regarding the choice of your Ketubah Texts.

You may use your own wording or other wording of your preference. Simply send me your wording and I will insert it into the Ketubah design of your choice.

What is a Ketubah?
A Ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract. Its use dates back to ancient times. In fact Talmudic rabbis decreed that all Jewish marriages must be accompanied by the writing and signing of a ketubah.
The Ketubah is often illuminated with beautiful, artistic, and creative images as a keepsake document for the bride and groom, and an heirloom to pass on. 

A Little History
The ketubah, which literally means “that which is written,” was created and enacted during the period of the Mishna and Talmud, approximately 2,000 years ago. Though written with Hebrew letters, the original ketubah was written in the Aramaic language, the language used by Jewish people during the Babylonian exile.
Traditionally, the ketubah is presented by the groom at the Tish, the ketubah signing ceremony, just before the wedding. It statesthe groom's obligations to the bride. The ketubah then signed by the bride, groom and the witnesses.
In its day, the ketubah was a wondrous and innovative protection device for wives and one of the first legal documents giving financial and legal rights to women.

What will my Ketubah say?
The traditional ketubah is essentially an agreement between the bride and groom outlining, for the most part, the groom's obligations within the marriage and in case of a divorce. Since the ketubah is an agreement between bride and groom, both must agree to the terms. The ketubah ensured that the obligations men had to provide for their wives, to respect them, honor and satisfy them, were clearly delineated and obligated of them in written legal form. The content of a ketubah generally also includes the date and place of the wedding, the names of the bride and groom, and their fathers' names. Most of the ketubah texts today reflect on a couple's commitment to love and honor one another, and their respect for one another.

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Ketubah texts samples

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